Writing Tips For 2007

I have a regular gig doing posts on writing for Daily Writing Tips, a gig I really enjoy. Here’s a list of my posts so far this year.


There, Their, They’re
Note Taking Tip
The Right Climate
Principle, Principal
Say What?
Not Nice At All
Word Subtraction
The Art Of Writing News
Why We Need Paragraphs
Spanish Loan Words
Writing For Magazines
How To Change Your Writing Style
On The QT
Four Tips For Successful Web Writing
Hang, Hung, Hanged
Numerical Expressions
Japanese Loan Words
Prescribe and Proscribe
Deprecate, Depreciate
Fortuitous and Fortunate
Crucial, Vital, Essential
Persecute, Prosecute
Skin And Bones
Five Tips For Writing Great Web Content
Breach, Breech
Writing Press Releases