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Freelance Writing Portfolio 2019

This year’s been busy. I’ve been running my Biz of Writing mentoring group since January, and my mentees are now clearer about their business and are creating excellent content for marketing.

But, of course, I’ve also been doing a lot of writing. Got to pay that college tuition somehow, right?

As you know, I’ve written more than 1 million words in the last three years alone, including 70+ bylined articles in my 2018 writing portfolio. I’m already set to increase that a lot with my writing output so far this year.

As always, there are several ghostwritten articles that aren’t on the list, but here’s my bylined work so far this year.


I write mainly about marketing topics for Registry.Pro

Get.LLC – NEW!

Tuts+ – NEW!

In 2019, I joined the Tuts+ Instructor team, writing how-to guides and pointing out useful templates from the Envato ecosystem.

Website Planet – NEW!

I write how-to guides and software roundups for Website Planet.

Taboola – NEW!

This one speaks for itself. 🙂


I write in-depth articles about ecommerce marketing topics for Jilt.

Slickplan – NEW!

UX design isn’t one of my regular topics, but I enjoyed this project which included research and email interviews.

Words on the Page

The Writer’s Worth series on Lori Widmer’s blog is one I’m always happy to contribute to. It’s a way of helping newer writers gain confidence as they build their careers.



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